Sarajevo Self-Portrait: The View From Inside

Sarajevo Self-portrait book cover - Leslie Fratkin

Images and words by nine photographers from Sarajevo.

Interviews with and portraits of the photographers by Leslie Fratkin.

Introduction by Tom Gjelten, International Correspondent for National Public Radio.

Forward and Additional photographs by Leslie Fratkin.


Fratkin first went to ex-Yugoslavia and the city of Sarajevo in 1995, meeting with local photographers, filmmakers and other artists. Their experiences of war and the four-year siege of their city led her to create Sarajevo Self-Portrait: The View from Inside.

Sarajevo Self-Portrait is a book and traveling international exhibition conceived, produced and designed by Leslie Fratkin. Other events included a panel discussion with seven well-known writers and journalists who each spent time in ex-Yugoslavia and wrote about the war, a talk and presentation of photographs by the photographers from Sarajevo Self-Portrait and other prominent photographers who covered the war, and a talk and Q & A with Richard Holbrooke, Secretary of State and architect of the Dayton Peace Accords which ended the war in Bosnia.

The National Theatre, Sarajevo, by Leslie Fratkin